Prices for Appliance Repair in Houston, TX and surrounding areas

Service Call Fee – old price $99 – new price – $89
If you choose to repair with us, your service call is free.

We will not charge you for labor if the problem will be just with circuit breakers, lost power, a damaged power outlet, clogged sewerage and etc. 

Minimum Labor Fee For Small work – $145 if you will decide to fix it.

Average prices without parts:

Dishwasher Repair Cost Labor – $145-185

Refrigerator Repair Cost Labor – $165-385

Dryer Repair – $165-245

Dryer Air Duct Installation – $165 (parts included)

Washer Repair – $165-285

Oven\Double Oven – $195-315

Range\Stove Repair – $165-285

Sometimes repair requires two-three technicians +$85 each tech per hour.

In 70-80% of cases, as a rule, the breakdown is insignificant and the charge will be about $165-195

Commercial Appliances:

Service Call Fee – old price $110 – new price – $99

Minimum Labor Fee – $285 if you will decide to fix. 

Labor price depends on by suffering score of repair.

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