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We have washer repair in Houston Tx specialists who can readily fix any brand, design, manufacture, or model of washer. We have specialized knowledge in fixing and maintaining washers including front-loading, top-loading, high-efficiency, commercial, and residential washers, among others. Our experts will examine your washer, regardless of the brand, and determine the best repair method that is both economical and energy efficient.

We have a group of knowledgeable specialists that have completed formal training to inspect and fix any type of washers. They have experience in Washing Machine Spin Motor Repair of different shapes and sizes with ease and competence. It is because they have worked on a variety of washers.

For the most affordable Washer Dryer Repair in Houston available, you can contact our specialists at any time.

Why Should You Choose Max Appliance?

Max Appliance Houston guarantees complete washer repair at the best possible price. Regardless of whether your washer won’t spin, makes a lot of noise, vibrates, won’t drain, leaks water, overflows, stops mid-cycle, fills slowly, or has stopped working completely.

Any questions you have about washers can be answered by our professionals at any time, seven days a week. We don’t charge a fee for assistance on holidays, vacations, nights, etc., unlike other washer-dryer repair Houston service companies. All of our customers will receive the lowest price in the industry for washer repair and maintenance thanks to our low price guarantee policy protection.

Therefore, contact Max Appliance Houston for the fastest and most affordable Washing Machine Service Houston, no matter what the issue is.

Contact us if you need trustworthy washer repair in Houston, Texas, or washing machine repair in Houston.


  • Washer won’t spin
  • Washer is making loud noise
  • Washer won’t agitate
  • Washer won’t drain
  • Washer vibrating or shaking
  • Washer fills slowlyWashing machine White
  • Washer leaking water
  • Washer won’t start
  • Washer won’t spin or agitate
  • Washer overflowing
  • Washer door or lid won’t lock
  • Washer stops mid cycle
  • Dryer drum not turning
  • Dryer makes noise
  • Dryer not heating
  • Dryer overheating
  • Dryer stopped spinning
  • Dryer takes too long
  • Dryer tripping breaker
  • Dryer won’t start
  • Dryer won’t stop
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