Washer Repair in Dallas

Is your dependable washer giving you problems? Do you ever wake up and find your washer dancing in the laundry room? Or notice odd noises during its cycles? Or have you noticed a puddle of water next to the washer  after one cycle? Then you should rush to call Max Appliance Houston. For excellent Washer Repair In Dallas, rely on us.


Why Choose Us?

  • We have an entireteam of verified service
  • We offerup-front pricing so you receive the best value for our
  • We are renownedfor our quick and easy scheduling
  • We providecost-effective rates and savings on repairs for
  • We providea warranty on the parts used as well as the service


We will maintain your washer in operational order, regardless of the kind you use. Speak with our team right now to arrange an appointment with an experienced technician and to find out more about our Washer Machine Repair in Dallas. Our company also offers a variety of additional appliance services, such as dishwasher and dryer repair.


Our team strives hard to uphold the company’s dedication to excellence  for many years to come. We are proud of our excellent track record in the community! In addition to looking at your other appliances, our professionals carry a comprehensive line of appliance accessories and spare parts, enabling the majority of repairs to be finished the same  day.

We provide services for all washer brands and models, regardless of whether you own an LG or a Bosch washer. Whenever you require us, our  team members are prepared to restore your household appliances to optimal functionality as soon as possible. Get in touch with the most reputable team for Washer Repair Service in Dallas by choosing us.

When you work with Max Appliance Houston, you’re in good hands! We’ll assist you in avoiding dirty laundry heaps everywhere.

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