3 Common Electric Cooktop Repair Problems

One of a kitchen’s most important appliances, the cooktop provides the powerful heat source needed to make a wide variety of tasty food. A lot of homeowners prefer electric cook tops because they are simple to install and provide accurate and reliable temperature control for regular cooking.

This design delivers excellent cooking possibilities to the contemporary house, whether you use an electric cooktop integrated into your kitchen range or a separate electric cooktop. However, just like any other equipment, an electric cooktop may experience issues that call for upkeep and repairs. When needed, all of your kitchen equipment should operate at maximum capacity.

Continue reading to learn some of the most frequent electric cooktop repair issues so you can troubleshoot and fix problems with your cooktop. While you may be able to fix some of these problems on your own, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a reputable Cooktop Repair in Houston TX.


The Electric Cooktop Won’t Turn On

You can’t cook with damaged equipment, and if your electric cooktop won’t switch on, there might be a variety of problems at play.

The most obvious and simplest cause of a cooktop not working is that it is unplugged. Make sure your device is correctly plugged in and that its outlet is working properly before looking into any additional problems. You can use a multimeter to verify the outlet or test it by attempting to use a different small piece of equipment, such as an iron or blow dryer.

If your cooktop still isn’t working despite your outlet being powered, there are probably problems with the appliance’s internal parts. This problem can be brought on by even little problems, thus an expert in Cooktop Repair in Houston TX should address it.


Failure to Heat Electric Coils

Electric coil burners are a characteristic of conventional electric cooktops. You anticipate the coils to heat up for cooking when you turn the device on. If your cooktop is getting electricity but the coils won’t heat, there may be a lot of problems going on.

A loose connection between the coils and the cooktop is a typical source of this problem. To thoroughly clean an electric cooktop, the coils must be taken out. If the coils are not correctly reinstalled, the cooktop will not function. Make sure your coils are correctly placed and that nothing is wedged in between the coil element and the stove.

The cooktop’s internal ignition switch, which initiates the activity required to heat the burners, may also be malfunctioning. It’s wise to get help from a factory-certified appliance repair specialist as this might be a difficult issue to address on your own.


Burner Temperatures Cannot be Changed

Electric cooktops are popular among homes because they allow very exact temperature control. You can’t utilize all of your appliance’s capabilities if you can’t directly control the burner temperature.

This issue could be brought on by a malfunction with the unit’s endless switch. A broken switch might make your burner heat to a defined temperature regardless of the settings you choose since it is connected to the dial that controls power levels.

An internal ignition switch that is broken is another frequent cause of this issue. Whatever the reason, you should get in touch with an appliance repair agency to take care of this problem.



You may encounter a variety of electric cooktop repair difficulties, and learning about some of the most typical ones can equip you to handle both straightforward and difficult repair tasks. A professional home appliance repair specialist can handle many straightforward repair jobs, but for efficient, long-lasting solutions, you should always turn to them.

Contact a reputable Cooktop Repair firm for help with all of your electric cooktop repair requirements.

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