Common Home Appliance Repairs & How to Fix Them

Home Appliances

While they simplify life, home appliances have the potential to ruin a habit. Home appliance repair difficulties of any kind can be exceedingly inconvenient.

You can avoid worry by learning how to handle common home appliance issues. If not you can contact the experts at Home Appliance Repair Texas.

Here are the most common issues with appliance repair, along with their causes and solutions.

Refrigerator Problems

Water leakage from the drain hose of a refrigerator is a typical issue brought on by an accumulation of food particles. Together with food debris, ice cubes can also occasionally become stuck in the drain tube.


  • Defrost drain clog
  • There is a water line leak
  • A brown drain pan
  • Extreme humidity


  • Cut off any electrical connections.
  • To prevent contamination, make sure to take out all of the food and beverages from the refrigerator.
  • Get a plumbing snake, and insert it as far into the hose as you can. When the hose is free, move it in and out.
  • Fill the drain with some baking soda (approximately 1/2 teaspoon).
  • Add two or three cups of hot water to it.

Dryer Problems

The dryer not spinning while drying is one of the dryer owner’s most frequent repair issues. Fortunately, the solution to this frequent appliance repair issue is simple.


  • Damaged drum rollers
  • Damaged roller axles
  • Rusted drum bearings
  • Damaged drum slides
  • Worn-out drive belts


  • Remove the dryer plug from the outlet.
  • Your dryer’s back panel should be removed.
  • Examine the rollers, bearings, axles, drum slides, and belts.
  • Replace any worn-out parts at your neighborhood hardware store.
  • If the glide is worn, remove them from their holes and put new padding on the glide strip.
  • Remove the driving belt from the hooks and drum if it is worn out.
  • Put a new belt in its place.

Oven/ Double Oven Problems

A blown fuse can prevent an oven from turning on, just like it can other electrical appliances. If it does turn on, it might not be heating up though.


  • Uneven door
  • A broken fan caused the overheating
  • switch failures in door interlocks
  • Magnetron, power cord, or controller sort
  • Short in a high-voltage diode


  • Remove the oven plug from the outlet.
  • Discharge the oven capacitor before servicing it by touching a screwdriver blade to each capacitor terminal.
  • From your oven, take off the Thermo protector or fuse that has blown.
  • Take the capacitor reading. Make sure the lowest setting is on your multimeter.
  • Your fuse has blown if the multimeter doesn’t show any charge.
  • A new fuse is installed in place of the blown one.

Use the same procedure above but in the other direction when changing a blown fuse. If you have any questions about how to install the fuse, always consult the user handbook. Moreover, even when unplugged, an oven capacitor can still be dangerously charged. Hence, before testing the capacitor, discharge it first as a safety measure.

Dishwasher Problems

Many households are guilty of leaving food residue on the plates after use rather than washing them. Old or moist food particles that are hiding in your dishwasher’s corners could be the cause of an unpleasant odor. Another reason your dishwasher may smell awful is because of melted plastic.


  • Food crumbs become lodged in filters or cracks.
  • Oil and grease accumulation promotes the growth of bacteria
  • A lack of upkeep


  • Inspect your appliance for any food residue inside.
  • With a brush or toothpick, clear the channel of any food residue.
  • Remove any standing water from your dishwasher.
  • With a rag and soapy water, thoroughly clean the interior of your dishwasher.
  • Clean up everything, including the dishwasher screen.
  • Using hot water, run your dishwasher.

Home appliance repair problems can be avoided with appropriate maintenance and attention. Yet, if a problem arises with your appliance, there’s no need to panic. Often occurring appliance repair issues don’t always require the assistance of Home Appliance Service Houston.

Yet, if you are still concerned about your repair abilities, get in touch with Home Appliances Repair in Houston right away.

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